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Kim - Kalamazoo, Michigan

Hi there! I'm Kim, a Texan- born girl who found her home in Kalamazoo. I've been a professional graphic designer for more than twenty years. I love creating and learning new things while sharing concepts and ideas with others. I'm inspired by music, nature, architecture and cultural diversity. I am grateful and feel blessed to be a part of your memorable day.

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Heather - Selma, South Carolina (formerly Kalamazoo)

Heather is a born and raised Michigander but now lives with her family near Raleigh North Carolina. During the day she is a brand strategist and graphic designer who mostly works with creative entrepreneurs and fine artisans. She is inspired by the handmade-authentic products that can't be bought at big-box retailers, gardening, traveling, cooking, and playing with her two young children. Though her brand strategy uses a different set of skills and a completely different side of the brain, and designing wedding invitations is a break from the detail-oriented work she does daily. 

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