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My Story

I grew up in a small town, Yorkville, Illinois. Growing up, I loved to take pictures and scrapbook! A little secret between us is that I have never fully finished a scrapbook! After I graduated high school, I had no idea what I wanted to do, so I started going for my general education! Then I decided to start going for photography. Once I moved to Michigan in 2018, I changed my degree path to Human Resources Management; I graduated in May of 2022! My husband and I married in July of 2021, and we have two beautiful children! Our daughter has grown to have a fantastic personality and loves to play soccer, and our son, a ball of energy! We are always on the go and on our toes with the two of them! We are very much involved in our church and enjoy going to our Sunday worship! When we had our son, we had all the fun photos of us, maternity and newborn, which made me want to take photos for others! That is when I started to pursue photography!

After many mentor sessions, talking to many other photographers, and many free sessions, Lexie Marie Photography has flourished! I became an LLC in April of 2023, and I cannot be any more excited about it! I am beyond thankful for all the wonderful clients that have made me out to be who I am today! Every goal with each of my sessions, I plan to make it as easy as possible and fun! I love to capture moments for everyone that will last a lifetime and that you can look back at forever!

I look forward to telling your story!

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