The Story of Our Family-Owned and Women-Operated Business

It goes without saying that Jill and Liz love what they do. They take pride in helping clients find the perfect stationery, gifts and printed accessories to complete their vision for their Big Day or special event.  After all, it is the family business.

In the 1980’s, the Spontelli family started a print company for business printing in Southwest Michigan. Think business cards, postcards, memo pads, envelopes and anything else printed one would need for the day-to-day of operating and advertising a business. The company found its niche in the wholesale world, and the daughters grew up watching their parents navigate the print industry.  Over time, their lives took them in different directions - Jill into marketing and branding, and Liz into music education, but they found their way back together to help with the family business.  In 2018, The Printed Event was born. This division of the company was created to specialize in creating beautifully-designed, high quality printed products to help brand special events (weddings, parties, corporate events, and more).  Over the next few years, the business grew to include an all-female administrative and design team.

One of the biggest advantages of this unique collaboration is having onsite printing equipment, which allows the team to ensure quality through every step of the process from conception to production for most projects. For components that can’t be produced in-house, The Printed Event has close relationships with the best businesses in the trade to help keep overall costs down, and to ensure that the overall picture of the client’s project can come to fruition with ease and convenience.  

Ordering through The Printed Event’s website for template or semi-custom items is a draw for many, but custom orders are a growing trend due to the affordability and hands-on assistance from the team through every step of the process.  The staff strives to be accessible, communicative, and focused on every project, and with their service upgrades such as Assembly & Mailing of invitations, busy clients will benefit from having the time to attend to other aspects of planning their event.

The end goal - excellent service and gorgeous printed pieces.  Clients can rest assured that their orders will be handled with care and love, for these products not only reflect on the company, but on the family itself.  

Schedule a complimentary consultation today to learn more about all the services offered by The Printed Event. Jill, Liz and their team of designers and print professionals are thrilled to help.

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Written by: Kristin Walker-O’Neill