Custom Design


Bring your Pinterest dreams to life by working with one of our local designers to craft a custom design for your wedding or special event.  

The Process:

1.  Schedule a complimentary consultation and request a free sample kit!

2.  Ready to proceed? Pay Deposit.

3.  Review Estimate and 1st Proofs of your Custom Design, Style Guide & Monogram.  Within 2-3 business days after your deposit is received, we will generate an estimate on your project, a style guide, custom monogram, and a digital proof of either the save the date or invitation card. If desired, we can certainly Zoom with you to review these details, so don't hesitate to request an appointment!

What's a style guide?  Your style guide is a one-page visual overview of your wedding theme - including fonts, colors, patterns/illustrations (if necessary) and your very own customized monogram that can be used on any printed pieces or elsewhere to brand your wedding!  Scroll down for additional information and a visual :)

What is a monogram?  This is a graphic of two or more letters, typically a couple's initials, usually interwoven or otherwise combined in a decorative design.  This is the perfect icon to use in your stationery design, wax seals or stickers for sealing your envelopes or belly bands, printed on cocktail or reception napkins, etched onto personalized gifts or printed on clothing for your wedding party!

3.  The Perfecting Phase. 

  1. After receiving your first proof and style guide, you will work with us to finalize the design of your monogram and primary card (save the date or invitation).  FYI...unlimited revisions are included with your purchase to finalize your design until its perfect!  Please allow 1-2 business days for each round of proofs.
  2. Once you have given us written (emailed) approval of your style guide, monogram and proof, we will proceed to finishing the design on the remaining pieces of your order. 
  3. As we are putting the finishing touches on your art files, we will also be finalizing your estimate to make sure we have everything you need for your big day! 

    4.  The Printing Phase.  After we receive written (emailed) approval of your proofs (art files), we will create a final invoice with the balance due for your order. We kindly ask you pay in full for your order, and then we will release the order to production. 

    Please refer to the Order Process for details about production time and order fulfillment! 

    Custom Design Style Guide

    With your custom design comes a complementary design style guide.

    *Please note:  Payment for custom design projects is non-refundable and will be applied to the final amount due to your order. Clients are responsible for any design fees incurred above and beyond the deposit amount paid if the order is cancelled after the deposit is received. Any designs created through our custom design service are considered for future inclusion to our semi-custom design catalog and may be used for marketing purposes. Design fees are excluded from any promotional opportunities.